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The “Catastrophe” in Rosser Catastrophe Services can be a little misleading because we’re not just in the business home restoration after a natural disaster; we’re also here to help you remodel your home. There are several reasons to want to improve your home.


It doesn’t always take a softball-sized hail storm to ruin your house; sometimes defects or the age of the house over time will take its toll on the home and eventually cause problems. Many times, the best thing to do is upgrade your home, give it new flooring and walls, before the old catches up to giving need for restoration work. Remodeling your kitchen, bathroom or adding an extra room can increase resell value and "All Things Are Possible" for you when you call Rosser Catastrophe Services!





Call RCS for any home remodeling project in the greater Raleigh, NC area!
Remodeling can be a breeze when you call the Raleigh, NC pros at Rosser Catastrope Services

Besides adding value to the bottom line, remodeling a kitchen can bring an entire new perspective to a house.

You might be amazed to see the new shower and bathroom options that can be in your home!
Get your very own state of the art bathroom and impress your friends & neighbors while increasing the property value.

Remodeling an old bathroom or even adding an additional bathroom will raise the value of your current home.

We can remodel a room to make your very own man cave that you'll love to come home to.
We can make your dream remodeling project come true. Home owners in San Antonio call today!

Transform your current basement from an "extra storage" or "junk" room into an amazing den, "Man Cave" or an elegant & modern room that you'll look forward to spending time in.

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