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Founder and President Johnathon Rosser is a third generation roofing contractor so he knows a thing or two about getting on a roof.

RCS is a trusted roofing contractor that offers a FREE roof inspections to check for damage after a storm. We will work with your insurance company to make sure your roof restoration is as painless for you as possible.



There are two common types of storm damage on a roof, hail and wind. Hail, quarter-sized or bigger can put holes in the protective granule girds on the shingles. Wind can loosen the integrity of a shingle or blow it off the roof completely. When the damage is done, it allows rain to sink into the roof foundation and eventually inside the house if the damage is neglected. Storm damage isn’t always an immediate problem either, hail damage; for example, could take up to six months before it causes leaks in the ceiling. There are extended time frames to file an insurance claim, but it’s better for the issue to be addressed before it really becomes a problem.

The North Carolina Weather can be BRUTAL on shingles. Call Rosser Catastrophe Services in the Raleigh area


Hail can shorten the life of even the best shingle. Call RCS in Raleigh for a FREE inspection!

Hail Damage

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Grain Loss

Common Shingle Types

3 Tab Shingles

Architectural Shingles


The 3 tab shingle is flat and offers a minimum protection against the elements

3 Tab Shingles

These are composed of one flat layer and do not have a dimensional look to them. Because they are more simple and are made up of less material they weigh less than architectural shingles. three tab shingles are less thick than architectural shingles and the typical three tab shingle is rated for 60mph winds. The three tab shingles usually have a shorter year guarantee.

Originaly created for high end houses, this shingle type is being used more often due to it's better protection and visual appeal.

Architectural Shingles

These are also known as "dimensional" or "laminate" shingles. They differ from traditional 3 tab shingles because the actual shingle tabs are cut in various sizes and shapes. These various sizes and shapes give them a more 3 dimensional look. Architectural Shingles are made of more material & on average weigh about 50% more than 3 Tab shingles. They have a longer warranty and resist wind speeds between 80mph - 120mph. Originally designed for higher end homes, they are being more commonly used.

These shingles are usually presented as the superior Architectural Shingle but are nothing more than basic 3 tab shingles.

Faux-Laminate for lack of a better term, a fake architectural shingle, these shingle were made to look like an authentic architectural shingle, but are still 3‐tab. One of the most common types of faux-laminate roofs is Atlas Chalet, created by the Atlas Roofing Corporation. This type of shingle has been known to deteriorate ten times faster than other shingles and have been known to blister and crack; sometimes within the first year!

Many faux-laminte shingles are discontinued which means when they sustain storm damage, the roof has to be completely replaced. When a shingle is discontinued, no materials of the like, kind, or quantity (or LKQ) can be found on the market anymore. If minimal storm damage is found, an insurer will typically replace the roof completely. Because a faux-laminate is truly a 3-tab shingle, it is sometimes replaced with a 3-tab shingle, but we try to work with insurers to replace it with a true architectural shingle because a faux-laminate shingle was presented as an architectural shingle, our logic is; it should be replaced with the real thing.

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